Rates and Registration

 Regular Sites


                                          Daily 30A: $40 + Tax

                                          Daily 50A: $42 + Tax


                                          Weekly 30A: $230 + Tax

                                          Weekly 50A: $244 + Tax


                                          Monthly:  $ 390.00 + Tax, elec



Pull Through Sites


                                          Daily 30A: $42 + Tax

                                          Daily 50A: $44 + Tax


                                          Weekly 30A: $244 + Tax

                                          Weekly 50A: $258 + Tax

            (Pull through sites not available monthly)


Call us at





Email us at




Please provide:



Rig type, length, tow vehicles

Number of people in your party

Pets: How many, breed & approx. weight

Arrival and departure dates


Office Hours:  Monday – Saturday  9:00 AM – 3PM.  Sunday – By appointment.

We do not park RV’s after sunset.  Please plan your arrival accordingly.  Late arrivals can park overnight in the parking lot at the office.

  Please call office (928)567-7037.  Park hosts available 24/7.

Check out by 11 a.m.